We want to celebrate feeding infants by sharing this silly, fantastic, creative, laugh-til-you-spray-milk book: The locations You’ll Feed!

In a home or with a mouse? In a supply wardrobe or the front seat of a minivan with your legs squished by the steering wheel? Dang, author Lauren Hirshfield Belden makes it look so simple with her Dr. Suess style illustrations as well as artful rhymes about nursing as well as pumping! somehow she handled to catch the universal truths all set to a bedtime-story rhythm.

Check out these sample pages of her new book, The locations You’ll Feed!

So cute, right?

If you have a booby- or bottle-fed infant in the house, you’ll want this on your bookshelf. You’re likewise guaranteed to be the VIP at your next infant shower if you bring this as a gift.

Find it at your community gift shop or buy The locations You’ll Feed! on amazon this second. Hope you like it as much as we do!

Disclosure: I was sent a evaluation copy of this book; I like it for real; if you invite me to your infant shower, you’ll most likely get a copy.