THE manage FREAK€™S guide TO SIPPY cups

I have one overarching piece of guidance for you: Standardize, standardize, standardize!

Though any type of controlling as well as freaky parent will want to understand that she is utilizing the absolute finest brand of drinking cup completely fit to the environment and the ergonomic shape of a child’s mouth that will never leak… I just want you to purchase four of the exact same thing as well as relocation on.

The psychic toll of having to match up lids to bases exceeds all those other benefits in my book.

Here are a few excellent brands, select one of these as well as purchase four of them!

When available, just buy into the entire sippy cup world of one make as well as model. I objective for you to reach into a untidy drawer, get one lid as well as one cup as well as understand that they will in shape together. Go crazy as well as try out different lid styles (standard sippy, hard, soft, straw, or 360 any-side); I don’t care. That’s between you as well as your kid.

AVENT. fantastic since you can grow from bottle to sippy cup as well as beyond. If this is already your bottle brand (Lord assist me if you have much more than one brand of bottle in your home!), just purchase the replacement spouts as well as in shape them to your existing bottles where the nipple fits. They offer a ton of different spout choices that in shape on the exact same base. two (pictured) 7 oz penguins for $7.60 or a single training cup with drink-anywhere top for about $5.

MUNCHKIN. Going directly from boob to cup? Bravo for you. numerous parents like the Munchkin design of cup. I might buy four of these today for cars and truck rides as well as keeping near the bedside. Munchkin miracle 360 fitness instructor cup is available in a 7 ounce two-pack for about $13. The 360 Sippy cup (no training handles) is about the exact same cost for two 11 ouncers. select your preferred color combos as well as purchase two. Lids are a single piece as well as enable tots to drink anywhere around the rim without any special spout

SASSY. The Sassy grow Up cup is available in a 7-ounce as well as 9-ounce design likewise without any spout. Handles are interchangeable on the four different models. get two for either $11 (good price) or $22 (keep looking!)

PLAYTEX. I am dissatisfied to report that my go-to brand for cups as well as lids has altered the style as well as made parents extremely unhappy. All hail the truthful Amazon reviewers who noise crazy getting up in arms about click as well as lock style flaws. These are my people!

I did not cover a few of the numerous stresses you may have about transitioning to a cup from breast or bottle, so let me understand what concerns you have!