Your 40th weekly challenge is to celebrate that your baby has been on the outside longer than she was on the inside! There are lots of fun ways to celebrate this milestone. We’ve done cocktails and sushi (pictured) and a mommies night out at the hot tubs in the past.

My inside Out party above was at Blowfish Sushi in San Francisco. I think I even wore uneasy heels. I absolutely ate raw fish and drank pretty cocktails with my amazing friends. Unless you’re currently knocked up, I suggest wrangling a posse of girlfriends and doing all those things you weren’t allowed to do (in good conscience) while pregnant, stuff like:

Drink wine

Eat soft cheese

Luxuriate in a hot-tub

Ride an ostrich or mechanical bull

Go bungee jumping

These are just my own ideas, maybe you’re dying to burn a duraflame log or indulge in some other activity that has us wondering if it’s so bad for the pregnants, why do we do these things to ourselves at all… have at it!

Share your ideas in the comments to inspire another mother. Or identify us on instagram with #rookiemoms so we can toast you with champagne!

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