TUTORIAL: AN simple infant DOLL gown

My child likes to take the clothes off her infant doll, however mainly the task is as well challenging for her. I wished to make a gown she might take off by herself, as well as I came up with an simple pattern to share.

This infant doll gown (or robe) takes just a few minutes to sew. I utilized felt to ensure that I wouldn’t have to surface any type of edges since I am very lazy that way. This a easy pattern as well as project.

Here are the materials:

First make a design template to trace. utilize a card stock to ensure that you can reuse it once again as well as again. A panel from a discarded cereal box or gift box will do the trick. draw this shape.

It ought to look such as this in relation to the infant doll for whom you are sewing.

Now cut the gown design template out of two pieces of felt.

Next, cut one piece down the center. This will be the front of the dress.

Pin the front of the gown to the back of the dress.

Sew the shoulders as well as the side seams as well as turn inside out. You are now prepared to connect the ribbon.

There are much more smart methods to do this, however I am dedicated to keeping this tutorial for beginner sewers, so this is the most simple way.

Pin the ribbon to the back of the gown in the center.

Sew a box shape to protected the ribbon to the dress.

Now you have a total dress. location infant doll’s arms with the arm holes as well as tie ribbon in the front. show your kid exactly how to pull the ends of the bow to untie the ribbon. For a doll-adverse child, you might make this in navy as well as grey or black as well as phone call it a superhero costume or pirate shirt.

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