7 healthy HOMEMADE infant FOOD shortcuts

I take pride in making my infant fresh pureed homemade food from scratch components sourced locally from the farmers market. Really. however I have 3 youngsters as well as a task meaning some days we improvise. with trial as well as error, Rookie dad Alec (not pictured) as well as I found these homemade infant food “cheats” that are the simplest ever infant foods while still being organic as well as healthy.


Cheater “homemade” infant food

As long as we have these in the house, Sawyer has organic infant food for pennies.

These shortcuts or cheats come directly out of bundle as organic healthy mush. I don’t requirement to buy private jars or packets identified for babies, I checked out the labels as well as look for great ingredients. Easy.

Applesauce as well as full fat whole milk yogurt are my two heroes. I serve them directly up or mixed with my homemade purees (or the other cheats). The hardest part is wrestling Sawyer for the spoon.

These other organic packaged products are finest supporting foods: pumpkin, black beans, refried beans (yep, even with the moderate chilis).

Here are a few winning combos from my homemade infant food shortcut ingredients:

Applesauce + pumpkin = infant pie

Applesauce + veggie purees = something sweeter (try broccoli)

Yogurt + pumpkin = custard

Yogurt + fruity purees = fruit on the bottom yogurt

Refried beans + yogurt = Mexican feast

Black beans solo = hilarious finger food

Shredded cheese in a bit stack on his tray = huge mess (see picture upper left)

Do you have any type of super trick infant food shortcuts or cheats you can share?


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{photos by: heather}