Creative anniversary gifts To surprise Your spouse

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If you and your sweetheart have that special day coming up, you’re probably wracking your brain to think of anniversary gift ideas for him that aren’t the run-of-the-mill tie and golf club variety. He’s no common guy. He’s something special. Not just any common gift will do. how can you show him how much he means to you and surprise him with something he’ll love and always remember?

Try one of these five creative anniversary gift ideas sure to delight:

#1. personalized anniversary book

A personalized anniversary book is a unique and personal celebration of life. No two books are ever the same. gather photos, mementos, announcements and awards about the most precious events in his life. Make it about your times together, or include childhood pictures and stories for a complete life story. customize the book by arranging pages, choosing a cover and publishing in an online softcover or hardcover format. He’ll treasure it for years to come.

#2. Map of  Your Lives

Your wedding was just the beginning of your life journey together. What better way to commemorate than a personalized map imprinted with your names and wedding date? The vintage style framed and mounted map comes with stick pins to mark your travels–from where you met to your wedding location, hometowns, honeymoon and all your travels together. It’s a romantic gift you’ll both love.

#3. Awaken the Spirits with a home Brew Kit

If your guy loves spirits, how about giving him the tools he needs to make his own at home? Kits for making all types of potent potables are available, including brew kits for homemade gin, west coast style beer, whiskey and rum, southern bourbon stout beer, gin and alcoholic or nonalcoholic ginger beer. While you’re at it, don’t forget the accessories — copper mugs, personalized glassware and drink dispensers.

#4. Chemistry and Food — What’s Not to Love?

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If your sweetheart likes to cook and is on the geeky side, how about a gift that combines sumptuous cuisine and chemistry? The Molecular Gastronomy kit has everything he needs to transform common food into something amazing. He can morph melted chocolate into powder, turn honey into cubes and transform chopped produce into beads all through various chemical processes. The kit includes recipes and an instructional DVD. It’s a chemistry experimentation set for grownups. and the results are good to eat.

#5. gift Baskets for Guys

Gift baskets may not be the first things that come to mind as you look for an anniversary gift for your sweetheart. It’s time to think outside the box–or basket–so to speak.

Gift baskets come in more shapes and sizes than just wicker, ribboned and bowed objects you’re used to seeing. In fact, there’s a whole line of “manly” gift baskets that arrive in crates instead. You’re sure to find a crate that fits your husband’s hobby, style and taste. Does your guy like to grill out? how about a grill master crate that includes everything from a brass-knuckle meat tenderizer to a cast iron smoker box? Is he into golf or fishing? There’s a crate made just for him. gifts arrive in actual wooden crates, with no bows, ribbons or–interestingly–crate opening instructions included.

Gift crates are also a terrific idea if you’re looking for a do-it-yourself idea. purchase a crate and fill it with the things he loves. think of the look on his face when you forgo the traditional anniversary gift and surprise him with a creative and loving gift straight from your heart.


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Terry Jenkins is a freelance lifestyles writer and mother of two based near Bend, Oregon.

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