For those of you who know me well, this may not be news. but I have only *not* been pregnant or nursing for a mere six weeks of my marriage.

I got pregnant 4 weeks into our marriage / round-the-world-honeymoon and then again 2 weeks after weaning Holden.

It’s the kind of stat that makes me feel special. “Special” in that hormonally anxious mama bear way that we get when our mother-in-law wakes up the baby to get an extra cuddle when we know it is naptime. but also “special” in the way that makes me wonder if I’ll be special anymore after six or so a lot more weeks pass and Milo is made with nursing.

Will my husband still like me? We’re counting on YES.

Will I be incredibly fun and have a flat stomach like I used to? Ummm, maybe and probably not.

I know from last go that weaning was roughly on my timetable (just over one year) but not in any way like I imagined (I planned a one week phasing out involving distractions, sippy cups, and cow’s milk but instead Holden bit me, saw a bottle on a shelf, and never looked back).

Will it be like that again? will Milo forget about it/me in an instant? Or will we still be going strong in another four months because we both want to hold onto breastfeeding beyond my set timetable? often life events get in the way and sort of force the issue. My upcoming weekend to Miami might be one of those events.

I’m just hoping that the hormones are on my side making me cool and fun for the weekend and not weepy and enraged (not to mention leaky and engorged!).

Here’s hoping.