(A Long) weekend in pictures full of family celebrations

This weekend wasn’t just exciting for the Royals, as this family had epic celebrations of their own, to toast too.

My second cousin Leo was born on the same day as the Princess, earning himself a commemorative silver coin and a whole lot of big Fat Greek love.

Utterly beautiful, I’m now terribly broody and can’t wait to hotfoot it to Manchester for much needed cuddles with this cutie.

How sweet is this picture of the siblings together. I adore my gorgeous cousins.

Oh and little Leo and Mummy Katie (yes another Kate) even made the front page of the Manchester evening news too that day! Well done Katie and Solos, I’m so proud of you all!

And that wasn’t all, my darling little brother (we’re only 22 months apart) another Solos (named after my grandfather, Solomon) proposed to his gorgeous girlfriend Lucy on Sunday in the most romantic way.

I won’t reveal all as some things are sacred and not blog-fodder but they wanted me to share how happy they are-we all are.

I was nervous for Sol all of Sunday, having helped him design the sparkler of an engagement ring. and she loved it! I’ve always wanted a sister so it’s wonderful to welcome Lucy into the family!


Talking of gems, I was pretty bowled over myself that my husband Peter spoiled me to a three diamond ring for my right hand, on Saturday, to mark our 10 year wedding anniversary.

An absolute rock-lover (very lucky)- with an upgraded engagement ring and a 5 diamond eternity ring gifted to me after my youngest, Xander was born, I fell head over heels in love with this ring when Peter asked me to pick a piece to mark our decade together.

A girl deserves 2 eternity rings, right?!

I’ve think I’ve now reached my diamond quota for life!

Later on that evening saw date night commence with sumptuous Italian food by candlelight, pink champagne and more than anything, just feeling grateful for meeting my soulmate so young (24) and having the happiest of years together, our highlight being our two incredible sons.

Our boys-

We were pretty lucky in Leeds when it came to weather this weekend too, the sun came out meaning fun in the garden both at our house and my folk’s and the most perfect of sunsets to round it all off.

The prettiest of sunsets outside our house-

Back inside, Xander built towers with his bricks and simply chilled on the sofa watching cartoons before bedtime. It’s the little things…

Wow what a weekend of celebrations it was-we toasted to new beginnings, bouncing babies and the best years of our lives.

The hairs on my arms are standing on end as I write this. It really is such a special time for this family.

Cheers or as we Greeks say, Yamas!

I’d love to know what you got up to this bank holiday weekend too?

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