Last month, I was very lucky to go to the infants documentary San Francisco premiere. I laughed; I smirked; I squirmed. and I think all parents and parents-to-be would have similar emotional reactions (but probably to different parts). You try to sit still as a naked baby is surrounded by a herd of cattle, I dare you.

BABIES utilizes animal-style-documentary methods to concurrently follow four infants around the world from birth to first steps (without narration to get in the way). The movie demonstrates, without intervention or judgment, how our behaviors are so similar and different across cultures. and by “without intervention,” I’m speaking about the naked baby butt and cow horns from the previous paragraph.

The kids are from Namibia, Mongolia, Tokyo and San Francisco. clearly at the SF premier, Hattie was the hometown favorite. because there was so much filming in the Bay Area, I had the extreme pleasure of seeing some familiar places and faces from my own babies’ first years (such as Totland and one of our music together teachers). It turns out that bit Hometown Hattie (may I phone call her that?) is right in between the ages of my boys, which made me feel even more linked to her and the movie itself.

I’d like to hear your impressions. Did you see it? Did you like it? C’mon, who doesn’t like BABIES?