Make a big pitcher of water to drink throughout the day. Lime & mint can make it tasty.

No joke, new moms need to hydrate.

I left the hospital with a wonderful big jug with an attached straw that I filled every time it dipped below one-quarter full. I kept it with me everywhere I went until I lent it to my pal, Valerie (long walks, baby Brigade, restaurants, automobile trips… hmm, no wonder I was always peeing!). and just to prove that no good deed goes unpunished, she moved to London and probably chucked it without a second though. I miss her, baby Nora, and the water bottle on a regular basis.

So the fun activity is to drink lots and lots of water. Nursing, sleeplessness, or regular old post-partum recovery can feel like a substantial hangover and you need lots of water to get over it. get on it. fill up a large water bottle and drink it down three or more times a day. any water bottle — or water recipe — that makes drinking H2O more easy or fun is worth trying. I liked a water bottle with a squishy straw that I could chomp when I had nursing pain. I also loved my wonder woman water bottle for obvious reasons. For hot climates, this insulated Kleen Kanteen rocks my world.

Other hangover-remedies like greasy sausage are optional.