GOOD stuff I discovered FOR YOU

1. Making me smile each time I go to her site (it assists that our young boys are the precise exact same age) Wendy has done it again: stickers to reward your kid for trying new food. download as well as print on sticky paper.

2. Silas’s mother made him this tie-included shirt. So cute, right? She linked to this Saltwater youngsters tutorial.

3. Mixed media tshirts with tune lyrics might be fun to produce littles or huge people. details at

In the Oh My category: twins were born two months apart.

Carrots Are Orange:  This blog is all about making healthy infant food.

Prenatal links:

Free iphone app for the pregos among you: The Bump’s iphone app

A real-life listing of what to have/not have for when the infant arrives

A gorgeous round-up of pregnancy clothes stitching tutorials from LuvInTheMommyhood


If you shop at whole Foods, note that they have a discount coupon page. I’m not truly a discount coupon person (meaning I am not an organized person) however was fascinated that the products on this discount coupon page are things I would really buy, so it seemed additional useful. (via HoneyForDinner, the extremely healthy cooking blog of my completely incredible former nanny)

Until Thursday, April 22,  Babies“R”Us is providing a Fill-A-Bag promotion, where clients save 25% on their overall purchase of all of the routine as well as sale-priced clothing as well as shoes they can in shape in a free recyclable bag. To get a totally free bag to fill, clients should present a special Fill-A-Bag coupon, which is featured on the cover of the April Babies“R”Us direct mail catalog as well as is likewise offered to new as well as existing Babies“R”Us Facebook fans at

Oh, you should look at this Potty seat round up from ohdeedoh. holy toilets. I didn’t understand so numerous existed. We liked our infant Bjorn Potty Chair, although, full disclosure: we didn’t pay for it ourselves.

Maybe I’ll do a rundown of my own experience with potty devices in the future. For now, just feast your eyes on these (excessively?) ingenious designs.