Its no secret that my first pregnancy was a total honeymoon surprise. No type-A planning or checklists of any kind. However, once my EDD (estimated due date for you newbies) was revealed as may 8, 2005, I sure wanted to steer my delivery toward a incredibly cool 05.05.05 birthday. And, no, it absolutely didn’t work.

Scheduling can take lots of forms, of course. There’s the “I don’t want to be pregnant for my trip to Jamaica” and the “I want to be in my party trimester during my best friend’s wedding” and the fully, crazy, impossible “I want my baby to be born on a certain date.”

So, it got me to wondering how lots of of you thought you could manage the absolutely random miracle of conception (and gestation!) to plan a convenient pregnancy or best due date? and did it work?

That said, it’s probably time for you 11.11.11 people to get opting for your charts and calculated sex, right?