10 holiday gifts FOR mommy (OR TO treat YO’ SELF!)

mommies work hard to make the holidays magical. While they sit and help all their little ones create wish lists, they often forget to come up with a Christmas list for themselves. If you are trying to find something special to get an crucial mama in your life, look no further! These holiday gifts for mommy are sure to put a smile on her face. This is also a great place to start if you’re seeking to make a list yourself and too exhausted to do the research on your own! 

Many of these gifts focus on self-care because we know that’s really the best gift you can give a busy mama! However, we also know self-care looks different for everyone so we’ve made sure to keep that in mind as well. 

Holiday gifts for Mom

1. The gift of delighted healthy Skin

The good stuff Botanicals Gypsy Cream 
This stuff is a game-changer! Michael Johnson, Montana based co-founder & concocter at The good stuff Botanicals, developed psoriasis in his early 20’s. By the time he met his wife, Maranda he had tried everything to soothe and repair his skin. Michael was about ready to throw in the towel and accept his skin fate when Maranda started hitting their personal library, stumbled onto a family heirloom recipe book and found a healing cream recipe titled “Gypsy Cream” added by her  Great-Great Sicilian Grandmother. The cream was just too good to be kept a secret, so they quit their day jobs and started a service in hopes to relieve other’s skin woes.

Gypsy cream is a soothing moisturizer that helps heal + protect. Dermatologists, hospitals, estheticians and our customers have discovered that this super-soothing, nourishing formula is effective for a long list of common skin issues: everything from dry skin and dermatitis to the fine lines of aging and even chemo and radiation irritations. Although Gypsy cream has been dubbed a “magic miracle treatment,” you won’t find smoke + mirrors in our ingredients. What you will find: organic Hemp Seed Oil ”“ with special anti-inflammatory properties to detoxify and heal. Montana hot Springs Mineral Water ”“ rumored to have the second-highest trace mineral content in the world! These rare but crucial minerals and an alkaline 9.6 pH work together to repair damage and promote radiant, healthy skin. Aloe Vera ”“ to supply a full range of essential amino acids. Raw, organic Shea Butter ”“ free-trade harvested by a woman’s group in Ghana, Africa, this remarkable shea butter increases skin collagen and elasticity. Together, the high-quality, natural ingredients in Gypsy cream will give your skin what it needs to be delighted + healthy + balanced. check out their full site for all the best stuff to really treat yo’ self or a loved one!

Use the code “Moms15” for 15% off everything! 

2. add a little style to the Diaper Bag

Jac Zagoory Ogon Wallets 
Upgrade mommy to one of these Jac Zagoory wallets to toss into the diaper bag or to use as a hold on finer occasions. They are light, durable, stainless and 100% recyclable thanks to being made of aluminum. The wallets range from $50-100 and come in plenty of different color options. check them out here!

3. The gift of a night In with Friends

Creatively Box
Looking for a night with some mommy friends or some kicking back time alone, the Creatively Box is a fun way to bring the popular paint and sip night ideal to your own living room. It is the go-to for an evening of painting, laughing, and of course, your favorite beverage to sip on! It is a paint party in a box. What is really great is you don’t have to be an expert to paint. everything you need is ideal in the kit!

There are easy to follow instructions, or you can tune into their Facebook live events for a tutorial on each painting. So whether you are a first time artist or an expert, get hold of your favorite cocktail or mocktail and join Marina as she takes you through an art lesson that will inspire your inner artist and make you want to come back for more! The Creatively Box also makes a great gift for that creative mommy in your life. check them out here!

4. stocking the Fridge with Delicious-ness 

Hint Water 
Treat your mommy by stocking up her fridge with a case of hint Water. It has 0 calories, 0 sugars, and 0 diet sweeteners. Not to mention, they make for a pretty delicious mixer for all your holiday drinks!

Get 36 bottles for $36 + complimentary shipping. enter code 36SPARKLE at checkout.

5. A gift for Mamas On-the-Go 

Nirvana Bars 
At Nirvana Bars they know having a baby not only indicates taking your meals when you can get them, but it also indicates bending, lifting, and walking for a constant daily workout. These bars are the best 100% natural grab-n-go meal or snack that fills you up while promoting relief from inflammation associated with exercise. They’re gluten-free, have 12 grams of protein, are high in fiber, and are made with ingredients such as organic tart cherries, ginger, turmeric, and beetroot. With balancednutrition and an absolutely delicious taste, they’re the best gift you can give yourself to stay healthy through the holiday season!

Check them out at nirvanabars.com and use code RM10 for 10% off your first order.

6. The gift of Youth

DermaClara Beauty 
This holiday season, give the gift of youth. Rollback the years and say goodbye to stretch marks and scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and worn out eyes with the collagen-boosting brand, Dermaclara Beauty. Clinically proven, Dermaclara’s silicone patches minimize the appearance of stretch marks from pregnancy or weight get with results within just one hour. The same medical-grade silicone, when applied to the face, neck, and chest, can combat signs of aging. When you put the body or face patches on your skin, the pure silicone causes moisture to be pulled to the upper skin layers ”“ this boosts collagen production and hydration which helps smooth and heal stretch marks and scars, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines ”¦ it’s science!

In addition to silicone patches, Dermaclara Beauty’s full skincare collection uses other collagen-boosting products such as cleansers, moisturizers, and serums that can help you achieve finer, younger, and smoother skin. All Dermaclara appeal products are chemical-free, painless, non-invasive, and easy to use. check them out at dermaclara.com and use code MOM15 for 15% off your first order!

7. For the Mamas that love to Match  

Photo Credit: @this_lovely_life_of_mine

Matching on the holidays is a personal favorite of mine, and I know I would be floored if my family purchased these charming (super comfy!) slippers for us as a surprise. Dearfoams makes some of the best slippers with rubber soles that hold up throughout the season and soft memory foam insoles that keep your toes warm as can be. The pair seen above is their new awful Christmas sweater style, and I am loving them!

8. The best PJs for every mommy You Know

Kindred Bravely 
Every new mommy will tell you she spends a lot of time in pajamas and finding the best pair of PJs is a must! With the Jane maternity & Nursing Pajamas, Kindred Bravely delivers comfort like no other. They are the ideal gift for new and expecting moms. Plus, they would even make a great addition to the healthcare facility bag. The Jane Pajamas look beautiful on their own or layered under other clothes to keep mommies warm during their favorite fall and wintertime activities.

Use code ROOKIEMOM to save 20% on your first buy from Kindred Bravely.

9. The best escape from the holiday Madness

Give your mommy a little escape from the holiday madness with the new York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy’s most current novel, HOLIDATE! Hallmark Christmas motion picture fans will absolutely fall in love with this sweet holiday romance.

10. A comfy relaxing Must-Have

I love My Nighty 
Mom-life is much easier when you’re feeling your best! treat your mommy (or yourself!) to the world’s a lot of comfortable loungewear made from TENCELâ„¢ botanical fibers. Luxuriously soft, eco-friendly, made in USA hoodies, nightgowns and separates.  The Janey Lu Hoodie is $104 and worth every penny!

Use code ROOKIEMOMS for 10% of your first buy at ilovemynighty.com.

Moms really are something special. I hope this gift list has helped and inspired you to find the best thing to celebrate her this holiday season! From the relaxing clothes to the skincare and even a perfectly cheesy holiday story to curl up with, these are the best gifts to remind mommy to treat herself.

11. A beautiful Keepsake 

Isabelle Grace Jewelry 
Give mommy something she can keep and treasure forever with an Isabelle Grace Birthstone Pebbles Necklace. She will love the smooth organic feel of these little pebbles. Each necklace is hand-crafted in the Isabelle Grace studio located in Dartmouth, MA, and very carefully set with your chosen birthstone so no two are the same.

12. A gift for the active Mom 

woom 1 balance Bike
This gift is a double whammy and would make for a great gift for a mama and her little one! The woom 1 balance Bike is a child’s first introduction to two wheels and will allow an active mama to get back out of the house with the whole family in toe. If you are trying to find a high-quality, lightweight model bike built specifically for a tiny rider, woom is the way to go. They are the leading high-quality, lightweight kids bike brand in the united states and Europe.